The company Festa Giuseppe Construction, is a company specialized in approximately 100 cubic meters / hour located in Genzano di Lucania (PZ) production and distribution of ready-mixed concrete, with a manufacturing facility in Viale XXIV Maggio. The company was founded in December 2009 from the thirty years of the owner working in the concrete production industry, transport, construction.

Targeted investments in recent years have led to the renewal of the plant and vehicles, to ensure quality standards increasingly more and better services to customers. The growing attention to customers, the continuous renewal, implementation of accessories and complementary services, our experience in this field allows us to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding and professional customers.

In 2010 we obtained the certification of the production process F.P.C. (Factory Production Control) in accordance with the provisions of Ministerial Decree 14/01/2008 "Technical standards for construction" issued by Tecnoprove LTD We specialize in all construction and earthmoving concerning: excavation, demolition, road construction, construction of civil and industrial works, earthworks, leveling, construction of water and sewage networks.

In April 2014, we obtained a certificate SOA under Presidential Decree 207/2010 for the category to OG6 I issued by ARGENTA SOA s.p.a. for qualification to the execution of public works. We are authorized to transport waste on their own account in accordance with art. 212 paragraph 8 of Decree Law 152/2006. Our future projects, will undoubtedly affect the company's expansion, even outside the regional boundaries, the pivotal point of our route remains the specialization and the renewal, the continuous control of raw materials, the production process of the equipment, training occupational exposure of workers to the production processes of our company make a point of reference with regard to construction in general in the province of Potenza.


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